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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Construction and Material
The aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of a honeycomb core sandwiched between two high tensile aluminum alloy sheets.
1. The top and bottom sheets are fabricated from premium quality 5005H14 aluminum with thickness between 0.4 and 1.5mm. They are PVDF coated and offer superior weather resistance.
2. The honeycomb core undergoes anodizing and thus is long lasting. The aluminum foil for the core construction comes with thickness between 0.04 and 0.06mm. The side length for the honeycomb structure ranges from 4 to 6mm. A cluster of honeycomb cores is interconnected to form the core system, which ensures uniform pressure distribution and thus enables the aluminum honeycomb panel to bear extremely high pressures. The core system also ensures the surface flatness of large sized honeycomb sandwich panels.
3. The surface sheets and the core are bonded together using imported or domestic leading two-component PU adhesive under high pressure, providing the aluminum honeycomb panel with strong and reliable adhesion.

Size: 1500mm×6000mm
Thickness: 3mm-27mm

The aluminum honeycomb panel delivers great structural stability, very high surface flatness and vibration resistance. Due to this, it is widely used to replace conventional decorative panels which may easy to deform or collapse in the central part. Additionally, the aluminum composite panel has advantages such as lightweight, high tensile strength, high rigidity, and superior heat and sound insulations.

Due to above advantages, the aluminum honeycomb panel is very popular in industries such as elevator, aerospace, shipbuilding, curtain wall, wall decoration, suspended ceiling, raised flooring, vehicle manufacturing, and other applications where lightweight and high strength building materials are needed.

Structure of the aluminum honeycomb panel
Aluminum alloy sheet Aluminum alloy sheet

Application Projects

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