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The aluminum composite panel is generally used for building decoration because of the outstand performance. It is extensively employed for the construction of ceiling, pillar decoration, counter, furniture, telephone booth, elevator, storefront, advertising board, factory wall, and so on. In developed countries, the ACP is also applied in producing bus, carriage, and instrument case. This product is the ideal acoustic insulating material for airplane and ship, as well. Currently, the ACP is the most popular material for metal curtain wall construction.

I. Interior Design
1. Pillar decoration

The aluminum composite panel is widely adopted for wrapping pillar in the places with heavy passenger flow, including shopping mall, bus station, exhibition hall, hotel, etc. In addition to the nice appearance, the ACP offers perfect protection to the pillar and the wall, reducing the maintenance cost and prolonging the lifespan of the building, accordingly. Our aluminum composite panel and the NANO aluminum ceiling are the optimal choice for you.

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2. Suspended ceiling
To improve the aesthetics and the quality of the suspended ceiling, many decoration companies integrate the ACP and the NANO aluminum ceiling into their design. Capable of fully satisfying the requirement on material colour and quality, our product can help the decoration company achieve incredible decorative effect.

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3. Others

II. Outdoor Building
1. Filling station

The filling station has strict requirement on the decoration material because of the special service environment and the utilization frequency. Therefore, building material with outstanding acid resistance, alkali resistance, rust resistance, and blister resistance is well received in the construction of filling station. The aluminum composite panel and the NANO aluminum ceiling are ideal for signpost and ceiling decoration. Our product has passed certain certifications, including ISO, DIN, SGS, RoHS, and some others.

Project Display
  • Filling station in Indonesia
  • CNPC filling station

2. Building outer wall
The PVDF coating of Aluwell product utilizes HYLR5000 or KYNAR500 as the binder, with unique advantage in the aspect of corrosion resistance, fouling resistance, and weather resistance. The attractive appearance of the ACP can be perfectly maintained in both winter and summer. Our product is widely employed as the decorative material for office building, exhibition hall, hotel, railway station, gymnasium, and so on. To fully meet customer demand, the color of the product can be customized according to the color card.

Project display
1) Office building

  • Project Name: NOVOTEL IBIS Argentina
    Color: AW9184 dark grey
    Specification: 0.50/0.50mm, 4mm in thickness
  • Project Name: Campomatic Lebanon
    Color: AW9165 champagne silver
    Specification: 0.40/0.40mm, 4mm in thickness
2) Exhibition hall
  • Project Name: Iraq BMW showroom
    Color: AW9164 silver
    Specification: 0.40/0.40mm, 4mm in thickness

  • Project Name: CRW showroom Turkey
    Color: AW9164 silver/AW9103 bright silver
    Specification: 0.40/0.40mm, 4mm in thickness

  • Project Name: Mazda showroom Thailand
    Color: AW9164 silver/AW9184 dark grey
    Specification: 0.40/0.40mm, 4mm in thickness
3) Hotel
Project Name: Hilton Hotel Argentina
Color: AW9184 dark grey
Specification: 0.50/0.50mm, 4mm in thickness
4) Railway station, bus stop
  • Project Name: Buquebus Argentina
    Color: AW9173 copper
    Specification: 0.50/0.50mm, 4mm in thickness

5) Gymnasium
  • Sports centre
  • Zhejiang University
6) Cylindrical and Arc Shaped Projects
Bending property is an important qualification of aluminum composite panels. As the following images show, all these projects require ACPs with excellent bending property, and our line of sandwich panels can fully meet the requirement.

III. Outdoor Advertisement Board
The aluminum composite plate from Aluwell can be used as the raw material for the frame of the advertisement board, which is quite suitable for outdoor application because of the outstanding weather resistance. Even for long-time use, the material will not become rusty or blistered.

  • Applciations
    Project Name: Singage in Germany
    Color: JH9003 white (two sides)
    Specifications: 0.21/0.21mm, 3mm in thickness

IV. Decorative part
In addition to the said applications, our ACP can also be used as the ornament for some product

  • Subway carriage
  • Elevator wall panel (ACP with
    brushed stainless steel surface)
  • Instrument housing (ACP with
    brushed silver surface)
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