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    1. Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
    2. Aluminum Honeycomb Panel The aluminum honeycomb panel delivers great structural stability, very high surface flatness and vibration resistance. Due to this, it is widely used to replace conventional decorative panels which may easy to deform or collapse in the central part. Additionally, the aluminum composite panel has advantages such as lightweight, high tensile strength, high rigidity...
    1. Polyester Aluminium Composite PanelSignboard usage and advertisement boards
      Building interior wall decoration
      Decoration and renovation the wall of old buildings
      Decoration of shop door, interior wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony...
    1. PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel ALUWELL PVDF aluminium composite panel consists of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two 0.5mm aluminium skins. As its name suggests, the ACP is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 fluorocarbon coating in order to provide a long lasting, durable finish.
    1. Nano-PVDF Aluminium Composite PanelThe LOTUS EFFECT is the most distinguished characteristic of Nano-PVDF aluminium composite panel. The lotus leaf is never polluted by dirt although coming from silt. The same as lotus leaves, Aluwell ACP has high water repellency ...
    1. Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel Meanwhile, Aluwell fireproof ACP conforms to German standard DIN4102 and ASTM E84-05 grade B-1. If you are searching for environmentally friendly building material that offers excellent fire resistance and minimal gas generation when burnt...
    1. Wooden Grain Aluminium Composite PanelUsing quality coating materials from PPG and Becker, coating lines and other ACP production lines from Taiwan Alumax, Aluwell is able to provide wooden grain aluminium composite panel with approx. 20 years warranty.
    1. Brush Aluminium Composite PanelMade using high quality aluminium composite panel production lines from our parent company Taiwan Alumax, Aluwell brush ACP is presented long warranty and reliable performance, but also offered at competitive prices.
    1. Mirror Aluminium Composite PanelAluwell mirror aluminium composite panel is a new type of aluminum composite material skinned with anodized aluminum mirror sheets. The bottom aluminium skin is chromate treated and polyester coated.
    1. 2-Meter width Aluminum Composite PanelThe visible connection joints are fewer with 2-meter width aluminum composite panels by comparing with traditional narrower aluminum composite panels.
      The installation times as well as the fabrication and assembly costs per square meter are remarkably reduced.
    1. UV Digital Printing Aluminum Composite PanelAluwell has researched and developed a new ACP with improved paint exclusively for UV Digital printing machines. The UV digital printing aluminum composite panel guarantees 10 years of signboard for either indoor or outdoor usage.
    1. Stone-like Aluminum Composite PanelHigh-tech environmentally friendly.
      Perfect similarity with natural stone (>95%).
      Excellent weatherproof and chemical resistance.
      Easy cutting, grooving, bending and curving.
    1. Platinum-like Aluminum Composite Panel Excellent surface appearance and individual design.
      Weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance properties.
      Excellent heat and sound insulation.
      Lightweight and easy to process.
    1. Corrugated Plastic SheetOur corrugated plastic sheet is a kind of eco-friendly material capable of taking the place of the corrugated paperboard, board, metal plate, etc. Compared with the product from other company, our aluminum corrugated panel has been upgraded in its thickness and weight, for high strength ...
    1. Sign PanelALUWELL sign panel is the finest rigid substrates for flatbed digital printing, photo mounting and sign making, etc. due to its excellent ink adhesion and punchy colors. ALUWELL sign panel is ideal material for interior and exterior shop design, exhibition design...
    1. Coated Aluminum CoilTo produce aluminium composite panel or aluminum veneers.
      Used in exterior applications for decoration and protection of exterior wall, canopy, roof and pillar, etc.
      Aluwell coated aluminum coil is also ideal for interior decoration for wall ...
    1. Sandstone SheetAluwell sandstone tile is made from a piece of synthetic resin latex and colorful natural stone granules. The sandstone tiles can be applied in various ways to create different visual patterns. They are applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    1. NANO Aluminum CeilingAluwell Nano aluminum ceiling comes in different pattern designs for customers to choose from, including perforation and flatness series.
      Available in a great variety of dimensions, and easy for installation and maintenance.

ACM refers to aluminum composite material consisting of two aluminium sheets sandwiching a nontoxic low density polyethylene core produced from a continuous extrusion process. When the ACM is used for external cladding of buildings, it is usually called aluminum composite panel, shortened as ACP.
In order to ensure the corrosion resistance, peeling strength, and weather resistance, etc, of aluminum composite panels, the exterior aluminum sheets of ACP are typically coated with a variety of layers, including base treatment layer, primer layer, PVDF coating or Polyester coating, and protective film, etc., as shown in the following picture.

Where to use ALUWELL aluminium composite panel
- Exterior Building Cladding
- Interior Wall and Ceiling Design
- Advertising Signage Making

Why choose ALUWELL composite panel
- High Peeling Strength
- Superior Weathering Resistance
- Light Weight and Easy for Processing
- Excellent Fire Resistance Property
- Coating Evenness, Diversified Colors
- Easy for Maintenance
- Impact Resistance

As one of the foremost aluminum composite panel manufacturers in China, Aluwell dedicates itself to providing Aluwell PVDF ACP, polyester ACP, and aluminum ceiling, etc. to customers who are in pursuit of high qualified and competitive priced cladding materials.
We faithfully welcome you to choose Aluwell.