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Platinum-like Aluminum Composite Panel

Product Description
The platinum-like aluminum composite panel is coated with a different surface coatig which has a gold excellent pattern effect. It has a luxurious glance as real platinum and is econommical and convenient as ACPs.

Characteristics of Platinum-like Aluminum Composite Panel
1. Excellent surface appearance and individual design.
2. Weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance properties.
3. Excellent heat and sound insulation.
4. Lightweight and easy to process.
5. Easy to maintain.

Specification of Platinum-like Aluminum Composite Panel
Specification Platinum-like ACP
Alu.sheet thick from 0.12x0.12mm to 0.60x0.60mm
Panel thick from 2mm to 6mm
Panel width 1000mm & 1220mm & 1250mm & 1500mm & 1575mm & 2000mm
Panel length Upon customer's request

Recommended Applications
1. Interior design.
2. Suitable for columns and supports.
3. Roof edging.
4. Sometimes possible to replace gold brush.

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