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Aluwell has been engaged in the aluminum composite plate industry for 20 years, accumulating rich experience in product development and manufacturing, especially in the field of quality control. We continuously improve the professional ability of our quality inspector to achieve first-class product quality.

As is known to all, the quality of the product is the key element for market development and customer retention. Our quality inspection department is staffed with 12 employees. Under the leadership of the quality control manager with over 10 years of experience in the industry, our seasoned workers carry out inspection for quality improvement from every last detail.

Product Inspection

1. Mill finish aluminum inspection
The quality inspector carefully tests the appearance, size, and straightness of the ACP. In addition, our worker will take sample of the coating for testing to confirm the product quality.

2. PE Testing
A series of testing will be carried out to confirm the quality of the PE, such as moisture content comparison, specific gravity testing, etc.

3. Polymeric Membrane Inspection
This inspection is generally for testing the width, thickness, and appearance of the polymeric membrane. The polymeric membrane shall be smooth, containing little crease, indentation, and the winding of the product shall be trim and compact. The core of the roll shall not deform.

4. Paint Testing
During inspection, our worker takes sample form the product for performance test in the aspect of T-bend, hardness (with pencil), adhesive force, color difference, thickness, gloss, MEK, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and so on.

5. Color Coated Aluminum Coil Testing
This testing is conducted during production process. It is mainly carried out to confirm the surface quality, film thickness, color difference, gloss, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and some others, to understand the conditions of the product.

6. Protective Film Inspection
To fully ensure the product quality, we will inspect the thickness, width, peel strength, and ductility of the protective film.

7. Composite Panel Testing
The testing for the composite panel is strictly carried out according to the related national standards such as GB/T17748-200, GB/T22412-2008, and so on. The inspection includes raw material testing, production process supervision, and final testing before delivery.

During the production process, the unqualified product will be reprocessed until it is in compliance with the related standard, or be rejected and put on record.

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