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ALUWELL is packed in solid wooden crate. The following information must be observed when storing and handling the panels:
-Unload crates with forklift of adequate loading capacity.
-The pallets must be handled carefully during transport and unloading. Do not handle open pallets.
-Upon delivery the pallets should be examined for any damage due to moisture.
-Do not store crates or panels in locations without proper protections against moisture.
-Do not store panels by stand them vertically without proper support.
-Do not store panels exceeding 6 months.
-Do not mix same-color panels from different batch production in warehouse.
-Remove protective film in 45 days after erection.

Main Products
    1. Coated Aluminum CoilTo produce aluminium composite panel or aluminum veneers.
      Used in exterior applications for decoration and protection of exterior wall, canopy, roof and pillar, etc ...
    1. NANO Aluminum CeilingThe NANO aluminum ceiling is made from aluminum alloy 3003 which features good corrosion resistance and formability. Nano technology is adopted for its surface coating, and in ...
    1. Mirror Aluminium Composite PanelAluwell mirror aluminium composite panel is a new type of aluminum composite material skinned with anodized aluminum mirror sheets. The bottom aluminium skin is chromate ...
    1. 2-Meter width Aluminum Composite PanelThe visible connection joints are fewer with 2-meter width aluminum composite panels by comparing with traditional narrower aluminum composite panels.